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제목 Call for Papers on e-Work models and cases
작성자 관리자 등록일 2002-03-16
이메일 kiie7051@unitel.co.kr
Call for Papers

Special issue of Production Planning and Control on
e-Work models and cases

The Special Issue Editors:
Dr. Namkyu Park, Intelligenceware Inc., Seoul, Korea Prof. George L. Kovacs, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary Prof. Shimon Y. Nof, Purdue University, W. Lafayette IN, USA

This special issue is co-sponsored by IFAC-TC MIM, Manufacturing Modeling for Management and Control.

You are kindly invited to submit a paper on "e-Work models and cases" to this special issue. It will cover new developments for collaboration and integration technology, business-to-business production/commerce, end-to-end integration, distributed databases and knowledge transformation, and workflow middleware, which advance e-work technology and research in the context of production and service.

From the beginning of the 21st century, networked organizations have been a key trend in the economy. As enterprise alliances and globalization moves further, e-Work over distributed working environments becomes more important. e-Work has been defined as the computer-supported and communication-enabled work activities, involving networked organizations of humans/robots/agents/autonomous systems. Rapid growth in information technology and Internet applications in production and service sectors require the development of theoretical models of e-Work, and relevant formulae for their design and implementation. The adoption and adaptation of the novel information concepts and technologies to manufacturing or service areas are one of the major challenges for the e-Work research community. This special issue is consequently planned to compile excellent research results and organize case studies pertaining to e-Work in the context of collaboration and integration in distributed environments.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following.

  1. Methodologies and models of collaboration and integration in terms of both information and production/service.
  2. Business-to-business e-commerce (team integration)
  3. Collaborative production/commerce by distributed planning or e-marketplaces
  4. Enterprise integrity through application-to-application integration
  5. Business process automation and integration
  6. Operations planning on the network: ASP services, portals, EAI, etc.
  7. Production, strategy, policy, and training/education with e-Work context.
  8. Security, protocols, distributed database integration
  9. Workflows in production and business
  10. Standards on data transformation for B2B production
  11. Applications and case studies of distributed working environments
  12. ERP or PDM applications for B2B supply chain
  13. Applications, design tools, technologies, and software tools
  14. e-work applications for individual industry - from manufacturing to services
  15. Production alternatives with multimedia and mobile applications
  16. Distribution and protection of intellectual capital over virtual and extended organizations
  17. Algorithms and intelligent procedures on bidding, negotiation, and auction over the Internet
  18. Virtual simulation for distributed planning/design
  19. Optimization of e-Work control models
  20. Productivity measures for e-Work

In addition to the topics listed above, ideas or papers that are appropriate to the theme of this Call for Papers are welcome.

Important dates
Submission deadline: March 2002. Authors are asked to submit three high quality copies of the paper. The paper should explicitly indicate the relevance of the theme to the special issue. Authors are encouraged to clearly describe the salient concepts and novel features of their work with theoretical aspects, and innovative applications or case illustrations for a meaningful review by the referees.

Notification of acceptance:
May 2002. Anonymous referees, following the normal PPC procedures, will review papers independently.

Final revisions due:
31 July 2002. The final manuscript shall not exceed 20 pages, including figures, tables.

Publication is tentatively scheduled before the end of 2002.

Editorial guidelines
Follow the general guidelines of "Production Planning and Control" journal. You can find the editorial format on the web at http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/tf/09537287.html Biographical information should be also submitted on a separate sheet, including all co-authors" information.

Articles, including all of the above information, should be sent to:

Authors from Asia, Australia:
Dr. Namkyu Park, Intelligenceware, Inc., 9F, Mi-Rae Asset Venture Tower 996-1, Daechi-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul 135-280, Korea. e-mail: np@lycos.co.kr

Authors from Europe, Middle East, Africa: Prof. George L. Kovacs, Computer and Automation Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1111 Budapest, Kende u. 13-17, Hungary. e-mail: gyorgy.kovacs@sztaki.hu

Authors from America: Prof. Shimon Y. Nof, 1287 Grissom Hall, School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1287, USA. e-mail: nof@purdue.edu

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