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제목 호주-한국재단(AUSTRALIA?KOREA FOUNDATION) 지원 Event 개최; Sharing Experiences of Business Computing between A
작성자 KIIE2 등록일 2018-04-24
이메일 master@kiie.org
2018 춘계공동학술대회에서 호주-한국재단(AUSTRALIA?KOREA FOUNDATION) 지원으로 양국간의 학술협력을 증진하기 위한 이벤트가 47일 경주 현대호텔에서 개최되었다. 본 이벤트는 호주-한국재단이 지원하는 “Sharing Experiences of Business Computing between Australia and Korea” 프로젝트의 일환으로서, Canberra대학교 Xiaohui Zhao 교수와 서울과기대 조남욱 교수, 한국외대 Bernardo Yahy 교수 등이 참석하였다.
On April 7, 2018 a special event aiming at promoting the collaboration between Australia and Korea in business computing area was held in Gyeongju, Korea together with KIIE 2018 spring conference. Co-organised by Xiaohui Zhao, Namwook Cho and Bernardo Yahya from University of Canberra, Seoul National University of Science and Technology and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, respectively, the event invited the academics and industry practitioners from Australia and Korea to present their latest achievements in integrating artificial intelligence and big data processing into business computing. With this unique collaboration opportunity, researchers of the two countries synergised their expertises to novel concepts and applications of business computing, and explored many areas for future collaboration.
As part of project “Sharing Experiences of Business Computing between Australia and Korea”, this event was funded by Australia-Korea Foundation program, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia. A similar event was held in Hobart, Australia in December 2017, in conjunction with Australasian Conference on Information Systems. The events have attracted participates from various universities, research centres, industry companies and communities.